Road Paints

Road that curves in the country, painted with yellow and white road paint.

Dow’s patented (U.S. Patent No. 6,552,110) AFFINITY™ GA1900  based thermoplastic road paints offer a distinct combination of properties. 

AFFINITY™ GA1900, due to its low glass transition temperature, offers excellent flexibility even at extremely cold temperatures.  Pavement markings developed with AFFINITY™ GA1900 can withstand repeated abuse by snow plowing machines, studded tires, and freeze/thaw cycles, as they possess excellent impact resistance.  Its hydrocarbon backbone has greatly improved UV stability and weatherability compared to incumbent binder polymers such as EVA and SIS, offering sustained retroreflectivity and resistance to cracking over many climactic cycles. 

AFFINITY™ GA1900 bonds to both asphalt and concrete equally well without the need of a primer. Road paints formulated with AFFINITY GA 1900 have markedly lower odor.  They yield higher whiteness at same TiO2 loading or the same whiteness at lower TiO2 loading, improving the economics of the formulation. 

Side by side comparison of hydrocarbon vs. AFFINITY™ GA1900 based road paints revealed reduced yellowing.  AFFINITY™ GA1900 based road paints showed no cold flow or deformation under load and yielded better line definition.  AFFINITY™ GA1900 based hot melt road paints could be applied at a lower temperature (380°F vs. 400°F), saving money for the contractor.  AFFINITY™ GA1900 based road paints also offer reduced cold drowning of glass beads, resulting in the maintenance of the retroreflectivity values of the fresh paint as it ages.

AFFINITY™ GA1900’s low viscosity enables the formulator to design paints with a wide range of viscosities.  The road paint can be extruded, sprayed (regular, super thin spray) or profiled (for wet performance).  Very high-speed profiled paint application has been documented (22 km/h).  The road paint can be sold in dry blend or can be pelletized to avoid dust formation during handling.   Thermoplastic road paints based on AFFINITY™ GA1900 can be used for:

  • Thin Line Spray
  • STS (Super Thin Spray)
  • Extruded markings
  • Profiles

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