AFFINITY™ GA based hot melt adhesives offer products that are clean and virtually char free.  The chemistry of AFFINITY™ GA polyolefin elastomers make them less prone to oxidations.

The Chemistry of AFFINITY™ GA based adhesives
Graph showing the presence of heat and oxygen reduced with gel and char.
* No functional group equates to increased stability in the
presence of heat and oxygen and reduced gel and char.

As shown in the figure below, AFFINITY™ GA formulations have excellent color stability.  Over a period of 148 hours, there was only a very slight color shift in the AFFINITY™ GA formulations while there was a significant color shift in the EVA based formulations.

Picture showing the color stabiliy of AFFINITY GA formulations.

The reduction in char formation results in reduced maintenance costs, reduced clogging of lines and reduced need to change filters and nozzles.  It also improves working conditions by virtually eliminating smoke and odor.

Picture comparing the maintenance for AFFINITY GA formula and EVA Adhesive. Clean & Char Free example