AFFINITY™ GA based hot melt adhesives are easy to apply and offer improved bead control, excellent bead cut-off and less spider web development which delivers dollars to the bottom line.  Adhesive based on AFFINITY GA polymers exhibit improved shear and viscosity stability due to Newtonian profile of the polymer over much of the useful shear rate range, as shown below.

Graph showing the improved shear and viscosity stability that AFFINITY GA produces.

Viscosity stability of AFFINITY GA POEs and an EVA-based HMA at 350°F for up to 168 hours

Graph showing the % change in Viscosity over a number of hours

AFFINITY GA POEs help produce HMAs that exhibit exceptional viscosity stability at the application temperature.  This outstanding viscosity and color stability allows for clean-running systems without the need to change the HMA in the tank, thus reducing overall cost.

This shear and viscosity stability is instrumental in delivering a product with improved bead control and excellent cut off.  The improved bead control delivers lower product usage and reduced cost.