Label adhesives for glass jar applications Hygiene adhesives for pressure sensitive applications

Dow's polymers for hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) formulations combine distinct optical, thermal, and processing capabilities to deliver the performance and processing needed to produce high performance bottle, freezer grade, and removable label adhesives.

Customers benefit from:

  • High clarity
  • Improved thermal performance
  • Thermal stability
  • Low glass transition temperatures
  • UV stability
  • Die-cutability

The product portfolio includes:

To find out more about Dow's labels solutions, please see the literature section below or contact a Dow representative.

pdf icon Innovating to Raise the Bar: Global Capabilities for Hot Melt Adhesives (631 KB PDF)
pdf icon AFFINITY™ GA 1875 Sales Sheet: Driving HMA Formulations Further (105 KB PDF)
pdf icon AFFINITY™ GA 1875 推动热熔胶(HMA)配方的未来 (740 KB PDF)
pdf icon AFFINITY™ GA 1000R Sales Sheet: Sticking to Innovation  (1 MB PDF)
pdf icon AFFINITY™ Product Selection Guide (124 KB PDF)
pdf icon INFUSE™ Product Selection Guide (105 KB PDF)
pdf icon INFUSE™ Quick Reference Guide (227 KB PDF)