Binding of hardcover book.

AFFNITY™ GA polymers as well as INFUSE™ Olefin Block Copolymers (OBCs) can be used alone or together to formulate hot melt adhesives for bookbinding applications.  They offer the following performance attributes:

  • High temperature resistance for such applications as auto manuals, maps, and manuscripts expected to be exposed to high temperature;
  • Ink solvent resistance;
  • Excellent processability (viscosity);
  • Excellent strength build-up during the initial 1-3 days after application;
  • Quick set time;
  • Excellent cold crack resistance due to low Tg
  • Broad ambient range
  • Excellent mechanical properties; especially when formulated together with INFUSE™ OBCs;
  • Good clarity and Gardner color;
  • Exceptional pot stability
  • Excellent production speeds
  • A wide variety of substrates

AFFINITY™ GA and INFUSE™ OBC based adhesives can be used in the following applications:

  • Manuals and maps which may need high heat resistance
  • Lay-flat books and magazines
  • Paperbacks and hard covers
  • Writing pads and notebooks.

Types of adhesive applications AFFINITY™ GA and INFUSE™ OBC polymers can be used include:

  • Spine glue
  • Side glue
  • Label glue
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