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CELLOSIZE™ polymers are readily soluble in water and give body to many different formulation systems. In many applications thickening is combined with suspension, stabilization and dispersion. Five key functionalities enhance your product's quality and performance.


CELLOSIZE™ products help contribute desired body in paints, household products, and cosmetics.


Solutions of high-viscosity grades are pseudoplastic and thin out under shear. Latex paints must stay on the brush or roller, yet flow out easily on brushing or rolling and then level out to reduce brush or lap marks.

Salt Tolerance

Because CELLOSIZE™ is nonionic, it is stable in solution with high concentrations of salts, making it ideal for use in household products.

Film Forming

Films of CELLOSIZE™ can be applied from water solutions. In paper manufacturing, coatings that are impervious to oils, greases, and most solvents can be prepared. This property also contributes to excellent ink holdout in paper-sizing formulations.

Water Retention

CELLOSIZE™ helps maintain the water content of formulations at desired levels. This property enables formulators to reduce the amount of water needed in a formulation because of the more efficient use made of water in the presence of small quantities of CELLOSIZE™.

CELLOSIZE™ products are widely used for:

  • Agriculture
  • Building Materials
  • Cosmetics and Detergents
  • Latex Polymerization
  • Oil Production
  • Paint Thickening
  • Paper and Inks
  • Textiles
  • Household products

Follow this link for technical information about hydroxyethyl cellulose - the product behind this brand.

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