Industrial Specialties polymers serve as excellent binders, film-formers, water retention agents, thickeners, coatings, lubricants and suspending agents.

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Each polymer family offers unique characteristics and functional strengths that can help you squeeze the very best performance from your formulations. Some are water-soluble and fit into a wide range of water or emulsion-based systems. Others are water-insoluble and make many similar contributions in solvent-based products.

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Methylcellulose helps control several crucial properties of a formulation such as rheology, dispersion, water demand and water retention. It has many practical benefits, including high consistency and workability with low stickiness, high standing strength and high yield.

This detailed overview of METHOCEL™ cellulose ethers includes information on the general properties of METHOCEL™ products and their chemistry, and descriptions of their many applications and regulated uses. It provides in-depth information on the preparation of aqueous solutions, powder form properties, solution properties and film properties. It also covers the thermal gelation phenomenon, analytical methods and handling considerations.

Methylcellulose is offered under the METHOCEL™ brand. During the manufacturing of these cellulose ethers, cellulose fibers are heated with caustic solution and treated with methyl chloride, yielding the methyl ether of cellulose. The fibrous reaction product is purified and ground to a fine, uniform powder.

Methylcellulose - METHOCEL™

METHOCEL™ A structure

There are also special-grade METHOCEL™ products available that have been formulated to meet the requirements for specific industries.

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