Handling Considerations

Safety Data Sheets for ETHOCELâ„¢ products are available from Dow to help you further satisfy your own handling, disposal, and safety needs and those that may be required by law or regulation. This information should be requested and read before handling or use of ETHOCELâ„¢ polymer products. The materials used in formulating with ETHOCELâ„¢ polymers - solvents in particular - may constitute separate hazards from toxicity or flammability.

Here we provide some general guidance. For full guidance please read the detailed safety information found in the Safety Data Sheet.

Customer Notice

Dow encourages its customers to review their applications of Dow products from the standpoint of human health and environmental quality. To help ensure that our products are not used in ways for which they are not intended or tested, Dow personnel will assist customers in dealing with ecological and product safety considerations. Your Dow sales representative can arrange proper contacts.