Dow Wolff Cellulosics Beakers

Dow is home to many well-known, trusted Cellulosics products and related chemistries that have been used for years to deliver enhanced performance and functionality.

Cellulose is a biopolymer made up of glucose units linked in a linear chain formation. For each hydroglucose unit there are three hydroxyl groups (OH groups) which provide reactive centers where a variety of chemical reactions can take place.

Cellulose is not ordinarily soluble in water or in conventional solvents. By derivatization of the hydroxyl groups it is possible to convert the cellulose into water-soluble, or in some specific cases organo-soluble, derivatives.

Select products are available in a wide range of particle sizes. The size and distribution of particles affect the solubility of products and therefore their properties in the various applications.

The intended application needs to be taken into account when selecting a product and its particle size.