We are committed to excellence in quality performance. We strive for industry leadership in the provision of quality products and services, aiming to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations in this area.

This is achieved by teamwork, a process of continuous improvement and by putting quality and service firmly at the forefront of everything we do.

We work with a limited number of key raw material suppliers and we don’t use third-party manufacturing. This gives traceability – our customers are able to know everything there is to know about our products.


Cellulosics and their derivatives are produced from renewable raw materials, mainly wood pulp, sourced primarily from suppliers that implement certified sustainable forestry practices. Ranging from healthier food ingredients and enhanced medicinal delivery, most products containing Cellulosics help to make improvements in the daily lives of billions of people.

We are committed to building a sustainable chemistry business based on renewable resources, and we strive continually to improve both our yields and energy efficiency.

Our manufacturing facilities have ISO 14001 Environmental Management certification.

Regulatory Support

Dow is an established and trustworthy supplier to highly-regulated industries. We have a history of excelling in regulated applications in markets such as food and pharmaceuticals.

The joint development work we have done with our customers over the years has provided us with in-depth insight into their application needs and production processes, in turn allowing us to help them deliver more breakthroughs and increased functionality in some extremely demanding and highly regulated markets.

We offer a broad portfolio of regulatory support for different countries and markets; with local support around the globe provided regionally as the finished product moves through the development and sales pipeline.