Dow Canada employee

In 1942, The Dow Chemical Company established its first manufacturing operation in Canada in Sarnia, Ontario. The Sarnia Site ran for over 60 years until the unforeseen interruption of the supply of a critical feedstock, ethylene, changed the course of site history. As a result, in August 2006, Dow announced that it would cease all manufacturing activities in Sarnia-Lambton.  In response to this reality, a site closure plan was developed to address the decommissioning and demolition of manufacturing units at the Vidal Street operation and associated remediation of the property with the intent to sell it as industrial land. In February 2009, the majority of the Site property was sold to TransAlta Corporation, the company that had purchased Dow’s Cogeneration Power plant in 2002.

Looking Ahead

Over the next two years Dow will complete closure activities on the former Sarnia site and continue to market its remaining lands located in Sarnia, Moore and St. Clair Townships. Dow will retain ownership and responsibility for managing a small portion of the former Sarnia Site property and the two Dow-owned landfills in the area.

Post 2010 there will be approximately 15 Dow employees with global roles located in the Sarnia area and working from home offices.

Dow Sarnia will continue to meet its community, environmental and business obligations as we work to bring operations to a close. If you have any questions or comments about our Sarnia site, please get in touch with us.