Turf stability and durability are critical to the performance of an artificial turf system over its lifetime, and backing is an important component of the overall system.

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Backing  Artificial turf has specific and stringent requirements for its backing. The two most important characteristics of backings are:

  • Strong anchorage for the fibres
  • Dimensional stability

Dimensional stability of the turf backing prevents undulations in the playing surface. This is at present achieved with a quartz sand infill and with the use of extra-dimensionally stable, weather-resistant turf backings.

In a well-functioning turf system, backing has no direct influence on ball and player surface interaction. However, durability will influence tuft bind and dimensional stability of the turf system with direct impact on the playing surface.

ENFORCER™ Sport polyurethane systems for durable backings, ENHANCER™ Sport polyurethane foams for cushioned backings.

Dow’s polyurethane backing solutions for artificial turf offer safety and durability on the field. They help to improve tuft bind, flexibility, water resistance and dimensional stability that extend the durability and appearance of the pitch.
Highly stable and predictable playing surface which gives the players the necessary safety and support.