plastic yarn

Technical advancements in raw materials and types of yarn have helped to create softer, safer and higher quality playing surfaces.

Dow’s yarn grade polyethylene resins, such as DOWLEX™ PE and ELITE™ Enhanced PE, are particularly suited to create fibers that provide the right combination of softness, resilience, and mechanical toughness. The result is a product suitable for play at a professional level, one where players can safely slide, tackle and fall without nasty abrasions and that achieves a durable, consistent playing surface.

Because of its excellent mechanical properties, weatherability and yarn resilience, turf yarn made using these resins is suitable for use at the highest level of professional sports. Additionally, Dow’s polyolefin plastomer, AFFINITY™, offers yarn producers another resin option in order to obtain a desired combination of mechanical properties, processing ability, and product performance for grass yarn.

Dow Products for Yarn:

DOWLEX™ Polyethylene Resins offer excellent optical and haptic properties, good tensile properties, weatherability, and tear and impact strength. They deliver higher performance and processability, and provide the necessary durability for high-impact sports surfaces.

ELITE™ Enhanced Polyethylene Resins provide a single material solution that goes beyond the traditional combination of performance attributes. They offer cost effective answers to a variety of challenges by bringing together the excellent flexibility in resin design for mechanical properties and processability. The resulting products combine toughness, resilience, and resistance to outdoor exposure with outstanding processability.

AFFINITY™ Polyolefin Plastomers (POPs) are versatile polymers designed to provide excellent levels of performance, ease of processing, and value to applications ranging from polymer modification to compounding. Exhibiting high flexibility and elasticity, the resin is utilized to improve resilience, softness, and toughness of the structure.

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