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The infill granules provide stability for the yarn and contribute to the energy absorption and ball surface interaction properties of the turf surface. A multitude of infill options based on Dow polymer technologies are commercially available, ranging from thermoplastic, thermoplastic vulcanizates to coating solutions in order to help the right balance of performance properties.

Dow’s polyolefin elastomer materials are the natural choice for infill in an artificial grass system that needs to perform like real turf. The materials provide a sustainable solution, using prime raw materials that are recyclable and strike a balance between price and performance.

Infill made from Dow polyolefin elastomers provides performance characteristics which offer a good alternative to ground styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR), including:

  • Good energy absorption
  • Excellent ultraviolet (UV) stability
  • Wear resistance
  • Odorless and dust free environment for the players
  • Colorability

Whatever product solution you are looking for, Dow’s products are designed to complement each other. Dow's elastomers can be combined with other materials as part of the infill material formulation to achieve the right characteristics for the desired application.

Dow Products for Infill:

AFFINITY™ Polyolefin Plastomers (POPs) are versatile polymers designed to provide superior levels of performance, ease of processing, and value to applications ranging from polymer modification to compounding. Exhibiting high flexibility and elasticity, the resin is utilized to improve resilience, softness, and toughness of the structure.

ENGAGE™ Polyolefin Elastomers bridge the gap between rubber and plastic, inspiring new design possibilities. ENGAGE Polymers are the materials of choice for a wide variety of applications, offering an excellent combination of the flexibility and toughness of synthetic rubber with the processability of plastics. The combination yields properties such as low density, softness, and colorability. Moreover, the resin can be used to modify other materials such as polypropylene for impact resistance or improved low temperature performance.

NORDEL™ EPDM rubbers (ethylene propylene diene monomer) utilize INSITE™ Technology to control molecular architecture and deliver improved performance, processability, and efficiencies that benefit compounders and processors alike, setting new and higher standards in EPDM performance.

For more information and consultation for specific requirements, please contact us. You can also download the technical presentation on "Shock Absorption Systems for Artificial Turf Surfaces" - 957KB PDF. 



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