Total Solutions Approach

Technology is improving the quality of artificial playing surfaces and turning around perceptions of artificial turf among professional sports people, regulatory bodies, and the wider public.

With its complementary and closely integrated portfolio of materials and technologies, The Dow Chemical Company has emerged as a key player in this market.

The ‘Total Systems Approach’ is the business approach behind Dow's Turf Solutions.  It is based on the convergence of all four businesses relating to artificial turf - yarn, infill, backing and shock absorption. 

Dow's goal is to combine its business and communications know-how with its R&D and technical experience across all of the elements of the artificial turf business to become a stronger, effective and efficient business partner. This integrated, system-wide approach also helps to unify the industry by connecting all of the value chains from each of the turf businesses. 

What is the role of a specialist resin supplier like Dow?

  • To look back from the end-user’s perspective – we worry about how it all fits together

  • To take a holistic approach to how Dow can improve the total experience for the various players in the value chain

  • To apply breakthrough technologies from other markets to the needs of the artificial turf industry, e.g. using Dow's experience from other markets to design resins that will help improve the resilience in yarn – mimicking the bounce-back of grass. There is considerable knowledge and experience within Dow from our direct experience in the issues of sustainability and recycling -  this is expertise we can leverage to the benefit of the artificial turf industry and our partners