Francisco Laporta: Alcoy (Spain)

The artificial turf at Francisco Laporta stadium in Alcoy, Spain, is truly like no other. Developed in the spring of 2007, it is the first 100 percent polyurethane backed football pitch to be produced and installed in Spain. The result has been a playing surface that offers high-performance benefits throughout the value chain – from the manufacturer to installers to end-users. Read more (790 KB PDF - English Version)

IKAST Stadion: Training ground of FC Midtjylland (Denmark)

These days, the cheering at Denmark’s Ikast Stadion isn’t just for the country’s newest football club, FC Midtjylland, but also for the new, high-tech pitch. In the past artificial turf pitches did not always elicit such a favorable response – a challenge that the facility managers at Ikast Stadion set out to overcome. With the rising success of their football club, they wanted a pitch that would match and even enhance the performance of their players.

Sölvesborgs GIF Football Club Stadium (Sweden)

The challenge facing the municipality of Sölvesborg was threefold. Firstly, to replace its sand pitch with a surface that would allow winter training on surfaces similar to the one used in summer and increase usage rate in the warmer months without compromising on performance. Secondly, to install an environmentally friendly pitch, given the trend in Sweden towards solutions free of ground used tire rubber for artificial pitches. Thirdly, the new pitch needed to be very cost effective. By contributing their engineering knowledge and installation expertise Dow, GoldenPlast and Unisport were able to deliver the suitable solution. Read more (868 KB PDF)