Professional soccer match

For decades, soccer players had to cope without suitable artificial turf pitches and had to adapt their game to a surface more suited to hockey or tennis. Today, artificial turf surfaces specially designed for soccer offer the playing characteristics of natural grass in terms of ball-surface and player-surface behavior, combined with the known benefits of artificial surfaces: consistency of play, durability and low maintenance.

An artificial turf pitch for soccer is made of different components, each performing a specific role: yarn, infill, backing and shock-pad. The ability to predict how an artificial turf system will respond to changes in specific components and the way in which they are combined is becoming increasingly important for the creation of long-lasting, environmentally friendly, high performance systems.

Matching Playing Fields to Players Needs

Considerations in designing an artificial turf system include production, safety of the players and their ability to perform to the highest level, ease-of-maintenance of the pitch and ultimately how these changes and developments will effect the certification and standards set by FIFA and UEFA.

Dow understands that design considerations need to be approached from the end user’s perspective. Therefore when looking at players’ requirements for artificial turf, the criteria applied to our products are comfort, safety and performance.

Key areas to be considered when devising an artificial turf pitch for soccer include:

  • Foot to surface interaction: sliding, traction, rotation and shock absorption (download presentation on "Shock Absorption Systems for Artificial Turf Surfaces" - 957KB PDF) 
  • Skin to surface interaction: surface friction and skin abrasion
  • Ball to surface interaction: roll and rebound
  • Turf stability and durability

Visit our System Design Center for more details on the interaction between the different system components and the required performance characteristics, and see which Dow products can improve your soccer turf system.

With its complementary and closely integrated portfolio of materials and technologies, Dow’s artificial turf solutions team can help specifiers or architects to make an appropriate decision on every component of artificial turf.