Polyolefins in Artificial Turf
By P. Sandkuehler, E. Torres

This paper discusses the performance requirements, material science and yarn extrusion technology for producing high end artificial grass yarn from Polyethylene. With focus on yarns, significant developments have enabled the production of soft, player friendly yarn that is however resilient and very durable. Read full paper (573KB PDF).

Analysis of the influence of shockpad properties on the energy absorption of artificial turf surfaces
By T. Allgeuer, S. Bensason, A. Chang, J. Martin, E. Torres, J. Theuerkauf and A. Barrus

Different foamed shockpads have been evaluated and compared for their shock absorption properties with the objective to determine the key resin and foam parameters that influence the performance. The results of this work provide evidence that shockpads highly influence the energy absorption property of an artificial surface, sports surfaces with no or non-shock absorbing infill can be designed and based on raw material design and foam characteristics, desired performance characteristics can be predicted. Read full paper (196KB PDF) or view presentation (957KB PDF), shared at the AMI Yarn & Tufters Forum 2008, in Zurich.

Materials Science of Resiliency in Artificial Turf Yarns
By P. Sandkuehler, J. Martin, A. Chang and E. Yvon

Many parameters determine the final quality and properties of Artificial Turf yarn. This presentation, given at the AMI Yarn & Tufters Forum 2008, in Zurich, defines these parameters and addresses the influence of yarn on system performance. View presentation (1MB PDF).