Various testing methods have been developed to measure the playing surface quality of artificial turf surfaces for American Football.

The National Football League (NFL) runs its own tests in collaboration with the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) to measure artificial turf performance and safety against natural grass surfaces.

Material tests are conducted to measure the shoe-surface traction and surface hardness of artificial turf surfaces. Tests conducted have also shown improved athlete performance on artificial turf when compared to natural grass, and epidemiological studies have analyzed the number of knee and ankle injuries on artificial versus natural grass. A recent NFL study concluded that artificial turf may just have the edge over natural grass with fewer serious injuries being sustained by football players.

In 1994, because of the growing use of artificial turf and the constant scrutiny by professional athletes, the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) published a list of standard methods for the testing of artificial turf systems. It contains over two dozen tests for the properties of turf systems.

As new products must undergo a number of tests as they are being developed, Dow’s capabilities in developing scientific test methods and its know-how in materials science  across all of the elements of the artificial turf system, can help in answering the specific needs of system developers and making the right decisions for developing tailor-made solutions.