Diethylenetriamine (DETA) is commonly used in the manufacture of paper wet-strength resins, corrosion inhibitors, fuel additives, epoxy curing agents, fabric softeners and asphalt additives among other applications. It is the second linear member of the ethyleneamines family and contains two primary and one secondary amine groups. Compared to ethylenediamine, DETA exhibits a broad liquid range: 207°C (405°F) boiling point at 7560 mm Hg and –39°C (-38°F) freezing point. Its molecular weight is 103.17.

DETA is used primarily in the following applications:
Asphalt Additives
Chelating Agents
Corrosion Inhibitors
Drainage Aids
Epoxy Curing Agents
Fabric Softener
Fuel Additives
Ion Exchange Resins
Lube Oil Additives
Mineral Processing Aids
Paper Wet-Strength Resins
Petroleum Production Chemicals
Polyamide Resins

For more information please see our Table of Physical Properties.

pdf icon DETA/DETA Commercial Grade Technical Data Sheet ( PDF)
pdf icon DETA Safety Data Sheet (14 KB PDF)
DETA Commercial Grade Safety Data Sheet
pdf icon DOW Ethyleneamines Overview (676 KB PDF)