DOW Diethanolamine (DEA) is commonly reacted with fats, oils or derived fatty acids to form amides which are used as foam stabilizers, emulsifiers and viscosity builders in personal care products such as shampoos, cosmetics and dishwashing liquids. It is also used for treating natural and refinery gas and liquid streams. Carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide are the principle contaminants removed.

DEA Fast Facts:
Molecular weight 105.14
Product Name: Diethanolamine (DEA)
Chemical Name: Diethanolamine
Chemical Family: Alkanolamines
Formula: HN-(CH2CH2OH)2
CAS # 111-42-2
Amount (%W/W) >= 99%
Odor Mildly ammoniacal

DOW DEA is offered in DEA LFG grade and is used primarily in the following applications:
Detergents/Cleaners/Fabric Softeners
Gas Treating
Personal Care Products
Photographic Chemicals
Urethane Foams

For more information please see our Table of Physical Properties.

pdf icon DEA Technical Data Sheet – All Grades ( PDF)
DEA Safety Data Sheet
DEA LFG Safety Data Sheet
pdf icon DEA ICF Safety Data Sheet (77 KB PDF)
pdf icon DOW Ethanolamines Overview Brochure ( PDF)