Venture Capital

Business Focus

Dow Venture Capital invests in companies developing a wide variety of technologies, with particular emphasis on those where we can add significantly to equity value.

Communications & Information Technology Life Sciences & Biotechnology Physical Sciences
High Performance Computing
– Computer Hardware
– Cluster Interconnects
– Data Storage
– Graphics & Visualization
– Network Hardware
Enterprise Application
– Software
– Hardware
Mobile Computing
– Wireless
– Cellular
– Personal Area Networks
– Personal Digital Assistance
Ag Biotechnology
Animal Health
Bio-degradable Polymers
Bio-pharmaceutical Expression
Drug Delivery
Lab Infrastructure Breakthroughs
– Biochemical Processes
– Discovery Tools (Pharma, Ag)
Medical Devices
Medical Diagnostics
Materials Science
– Electroactive Materials
– Optical Materials and Devices
– Magnetics
– Other Functional Nanotechnologies
– Compound Semiconductors
– Photonics
– IC Manufacturing, Packaging, Interconnect
Electronic Components
– Information Displays
– Printed Electronics
– Data Storage Devices
Alternative Energy
– Technologies for Energy Conservation, Storage


Water Technologies