UCON™ OSP-based Grease Developments Highlight Competitive Advantage of Dow and Richard Childress Racing Partnership

Rigorous Track Testing and Customization for NASCAR Demands Demonstrate Capabilities of Dow Performance Lubricants Technology

Midland, MI - February 17, 2015

New developments in lubricant technology have pushed race car performance to the next level thanks to a unique collaboration over the past year in NASCAR. Last season, Richard Childress RacingTM (RCR) adopted a line of extreme performance lubricants, powered by UCONTM Oil Soluble PAG (OSP) technology from Dow (NYSE: DOW). Recently, Dow’s Associate Director of Core Research and Development, Dan Woodman, and RCR’s Head of NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Vehicle Development, Brandon Thomas, discussed the success of this technology partnership with Mike and Angie Skinner on SiriusXMTM NASCAR’s “Skinner Roundup.” 

“When the rules changed in the 2013 season, upping the rear camber and axle housing, it created a severe strain on the drive train components – the drive train, axles, rear hubs, that whole area of the car – and Dow started working with us early on to develop the grease that we now race in all of our cars,” said Thomas. “It was a huge durability jump forward for us.”

“Testing in a more extreme environment than we might otherwise have enables Dow to go back to the lab and reformulate for that type of environment,” said Woodman. “That can translate into more reliability and durability in other applications that aren’t quite as extreme.”

The vehicle development team at RCR reported that greases they had tried before formulations with UCON™ OSP would nearly solidify by the end of a single race and came with hazard warnings due to toxicity at high temperatures. The new grease developed with Dow addresses these problems, staying inside the seals to reduce grease migration, increasing lubrication to prevent scuffing and increase the reliability of the drive plate and axle assemblies. It effectively reduces wear while operating in an extreme range of temperatures. This allows them to push the mileage limits on these part assemblies to potentially run in four times as many events before needing to disassemble for cleaning, inspection and re-greasing. All RCR teams now use this OSP-based grease.

“Along with the developments Dow has with RCR on the racetrack, we also leverage the quick test results from this demanding application to understand where else these high performance products can be used successfully,” said Andrew Larson, a lead technical services specialist for lubricants at Dow who has begun to analyze how these technologies could improve performance and production reliability in industrial applications such as steel mills.

The Industrial Solutions business of Dow leverages its innovative PAG (polyalkylene glycol) technology to develop performance lubricants that reduce downtime and maintenance costs for manufacturers.

“The world of RCR is one of ever-changing race conditions and new challenges, and through our relationship we are able to provide solutions that give RCR a competitive advantage,” said Larson. “Building off of the successes and learnings from last season, Dow, our technical partners, and RCR continue to work together to develop OSP-based greases and gear lubricants that allow RCR to improve vehicle performance.”

To learn how you can put OSPs to work in your formulations, visit http://www.dow.com/ucon/osp to download a technical data sheet and request a sample.

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