UCON™ Oil-Soluble Polyalkylene Glycol (OSP) Base Fluids are an exciting new development in synthetic lubricant technology. Use them as additives or co-base oils to combine the advantage of polyalkylene glycols (PAGs) and hydrocarbon oils in lubricant and grease formulations for a wide range of applications.

In semi-synthetic blends with mineral oils, UCON™ OSP Base Fluids help you achieve improved deposit control, oxidation stability, high viscosity index and low temperature stability. When used in additives, these remarkable fluids impart excellent friction control in formulations containing mineral oils and polyalphaolefins (PAOs).

Bring the benefits of Dow UCON OSP Base Fluids into your formulation today!

UCON™ OSP Base Fluids are available for many applications including:

  • Industrial air compressor fluids
  • Industrial hydraulic fluids
  • Fire-resistant hydraulic fluids
  • Metalworking fluids
  • Greases
  • Turbine oils
  • Gear lubricants
  • Automotive friction modifiers
  • Automotive deposit control additives
  • Co-base oils for automotive engines

The innovation ideas are endless with UCON™ OSP Base Fluids.