Dow Introduces UCON™ Oil Soluble Polymer Base Fluid

Las Vegas, NV - May 17, 2010

The Dow Chemical Company (Dow) is introducing a new generation of advanced oil soluble polyalkylene glycol (OSP) base fluids during the 2010 STLE Annual Meeting Conference in Las Vegas. The products offer compatibility with mineral oils and synthetic hydrocarbon base oils as well as other base fluids.

UCON™ OSP base fluids can be used as a primary base fluid, co-base fluid, and as an additive in automotive and industrial lubricant formulations. They can be used to upgrade mineral oils, providing improvements in deposit control, oxidation stability and low temperature stability. UCON™ OSP fluids have excellent friction control when used as additives in mineral oils and polyalphaolefins.

Many Purposes and Compatibility

UCON™ OSP base fluids are available in a wide range of ISO viscosity grades and offer formulators the option to design many types of lubricants such as hydraulic fluids, metal working fluids, greases, engine and transmission oils. Unlike conventional PAGs, UCON™ OSP base fluids provide oil miscibility in API Group I-IV hydrocarbon oils.

When used as a primary or co-base fluid in formulations, deposit formation is minimized compared with many traditional hydrocarbon based products. Further, PAGs provide excellent film forming properties. Low treat levels of UCON™ OSP base fluids in hydrocarbon base oils can provide excellent friction control. In addition, PAGs provide inherently mild extreme pressure properties. Most important, UCON™ OSP base fluids are safe to handle and are designed to meet high environmental, health and safety performance standards.

Many viscosity grades of these products are now available for sampling. For more information please call 800-447-4369 or email

About UCON™

The broad product line of UCON™ formulated fluids, lubricants and base stocks include products that outperform petroleum, animal and vegetable oils. These polyalkylene glycol (PAG)-based synthetic products can be varied and controlled to a degree not possible with natural oils and lubricants. They are used in applications from hydraulic fluids to quenchants, and from machinery, gear and bearing lubricants to compressor lubricants.

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