West Virginia Operations


Dow has unveiled a new Pre-College Education web site.

The web site provides information on several educational issues including:
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • News and Education T.V.
  • Dow's Commitment to Education
  • Science at Our Locations
  • Educational Organizations

This site was developed in an effort to communicate Dow's commitment to improving students' understanding of science, math, and environmental education. The web site is the most effective way to communicate our education messages and resources to students, teachers, parents, Dow employees, and Dow retirees around the world.

In the Students' section, you will find "Dow in Your Home." Flash technology is used to showcase Dow products found in things people use everyday. Some examples are Dow's polycarbonate resins used to make compact disks, such as CDs and DVDs; athletic shoes, the soles are made with thermoplastic polyurethane elastomers; and televisions made with Dow's polystyrene resins.

Under the Teachers' section there are environmental and chemistry lesson plans developed with education partners; also listed, is information on implementing hands-on science, professional development suggestions, and science resources for the classroom.

In the section listed as Educational Organizations, the company will continue to showcase Dow's partnerships with organizations and guide students and educators to their web sites.