West Virginia Operations

Institute Manufacturing Site

The Institute Site was originally built in 1943 as a government facility for production of synthetic rubber for the war effort. In 1947 Union Carbide purchased the plant from the government to produce commodity-type products. Over the years, the make-up of the plant has changed from production of commodity chemicals to specialty chemicals.

Institute Manufacturing Site    
In December 1986, the plant was sold to a French chemical manufacturer, Rhone-Poulenc. The plant was later purchased by Aventis CropScience, under agreements that the plant would share certain facilities. In 1990, the Polyols Unit of the plant was sold to ARCO Chemical. Today, the plant is owned by Bayer Corporation. Bayer owns the plant site proper, the general facilities and the agricultural producing units at Institute. Thus, Union Carbide is now a tenant at the site.

A new chapter in the history of West Virginia Operations began when Union Carbide Corporation became a wholly owned subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company in 2001.

The Union Carbide facilities at the Institute Site produce about 500 million pounds of specialty chemical products annually. Nearly all of the site’s units are ISO-9002 or equivalent registered.

Plant Products and Applications
Union Carbide produces a variety of products at the Institute Site that are used in consumer products including shampoo, contact lens products, paint, pharmaceuticals, liquid detergent, all purpose cleaners, sinus tablets, antifreeze, hair spray and nail polish remover.