Manufacturing Site

Site Address Phone
Seadrift Union Carbide Corporation
A Subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company
Highway 185
North Seadrift, Texas 77983

PO Box 186
Port Lavaca, Texas 77979


Tel. 1 361 553 2000
Fax. 1 361 553 3464

Seadrift Operations is located on 4,700 acres and is home to eight Dow-owned manufacturing facilities and one facility owned by Braskem.

Examples of Seadrift Operations' products and services:

A few Seadrift Operations applications:

  • Plastics for wire and cable applications, drip irrigation tubing, containers (food and beverage), automotive parts, toys and diapers, and roofing materials
  • Glycols for antifreeze, polyester fabrics, and bottles
  • Oxide derivatives for health and beauty products such as medicines, shampoos and soaps as well as detergents, window cleaners, brake fluids, paints and carrying agents for herbicides