Sustainability Reporting

We are fully committed to transparency and accountability in achieving our Sustainability goals. We produce quarterly and annual public reports and encourage our employees, investors and the public to track our progress. We invite you to review our various reports and recognitions.

Annual Sustainability Highlights

2015 Quarterly UpdateTo complement Dow’s Annual Sustainability Report, Dow is proud to highlight key accomplishments and milestone achievements from the past year, including progress against 2015 Sustainability Goals, science-driven innovation and partners for change.

Quarterly Update

2015 Quarterly UpdateTo demonstrate the Company's accountability and transparency to its 2015 Sustainability Goals, Dow publishes quarterly goal updates. An important supplement to the Company's annual GRI Report, the quarterly reports provide tangible examples and benchmarks on Dow's seven specific goal areas and Company highlights that exemplify Dow's commitment to innovation and collaboration for a more sustainable world.

Annual Sustainability Report

Dow's Annual Sustainability Report follows the comprehensive Global Reporting Initiative framework, a pioneering approach developed by an independent network-based organization. The GRI framework provides a standardized approach for sustainability reporting that helps organizations transparently measure and communicate economic, environmental and social performance. Key principles in its approach include: balance, comparability, accuracy, timeliness, clarity and reliability.

Awards & Recognition

Dow consistently receives recognition from customers, industry trade groups, non-governmental organizations, government regulatory agencies and the news media for the Company's best practices and performance in sustainability and environmental, health and safety. Organizations that have recently recognized Dow include The National Safety Council, Time Magazine, The US Environmental Protection Agency, The GLOBE Foundation, The American Chemistry Council, and the International Council of Chemical Associations.

*The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) was established by the Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies (CERES) in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).