By 2015, Dow will make publicly accessible safety assessments for its products globally, and in doing so will address relevant gaps in hazard and exposure information. It will continue to take appropriate action based on the assessments to protect human health and the environment throughout the life cycle.

Dow's Position

For more than 75 years, Dow has had a program to assure that its products were safe for their intended use.  The intent of the product safety leadership goal is to increase the public transparency of the processes and results of this work in order to increase public confidence.

Dow's Actions

  • Dow will conduct product risk characterizations for all of its products globally and initiate any risk management, including evaluation of potential for human exposure throughout the life cycle of Dow products.
  • Dow will close gaps in hazard and exposure information to meet requirements to register a substance for compliance with REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals) legislation.
  • Dow will complete its work on high priority products by 2010 and for its remaining products by 2015. Dow will strive to update its product safety assessments in the future if significant new information becomes available.
  • Dow will make its product safety assessments accessible to the public by providing a summary on with detailed information links. Summaries will be written in as non-technical language as is possible and will cover topics such as basic hazards, risk and risk management.

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