In 1995, Dow set important goals to improve our environment, health and safety performance and we were recognized for our achievements. In 2006 we set the bar even higher with the introduction of a more ambitious, next-generation set of goals, focusing our efforts on strengthening relationships within the communities where we operate, continuing to improve our product stewardship and innovation to solve some of the world's most pressing problems, and reducing our global footprint.

Our goals:

Sustainable Chemistry

By 2015, Dow will increase the percentage of sales to 10 percent for products that are highly advantaged by sustainable chemistry.

Dow will publicly report on our progress by:

  • Reporting our overall annual assessment of our sustainable chemistry index, and performance against our % of sales having sustainable chemistry advantages
  • Presenting and/or publishing life cycle assessments that are validated independently by an external stakeholder, on existing or planned Dow products
  • Providing ongoing updates on promising areas of research and investments and collaborations that spur sustainable chemistry innovation.
  • Promoting sustainable chemistry internationally through student prizes and Dow employee awards under The Dow Sustainability Innovation Challenge Award program.

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Breakthroughs to World Challenges

We are actively working toward, and committed to achieving, at least three breakthroughs by 2015 that will significantly help solve world challenges.

Addressing Climate Change

We will maintain all greenhouse gas emissions below 2006 levels.

  • We will use 400 MW of clean energy by 2025.
  • We will find ways to grow our company, but not grow our GHG emissions.
  • Dow’s insulation products in service reduce GHGs by multiples more than six time our own emissions on an annual basis.
  • We will report the contributions of our products and solutions to increased energy efficiency and emissions reduction through the development of our Net Impact Tool, which will quantify the energy and GHG profile of products across the life cycle.

Dow's Position on Climate Change

Energy Efficiency & Conservation

We will reduce our energy intensity 25% by 2015 - from a 2005 baseline.

  • Our manufacturing energy intensity, measured in BTUs per pound of product, has improved more than 40% since 1990, saving the company more than $24 billion and 5,200 trillion BTUs.
  • We are one of the largest producers of innovative products that reduce energy use: building insulation applications, solutions for fuel-efficient vehicles, technology to enable wind power, and integrated solar systems into building materials.

More information about Energy at Dow

Product Safety Leadership

We will publish product safety assessments for all products by 2015.

  • The assessments cover topics such as basic hazards, use, risk and risk management.
  • We further commit to the equivalent of REACH-like testing on all our products or product families whether they are sold directly in the European Union or not.
  • We will make product safety assessments accessible to the public at
  • We committed to completing all evaluations, with third party process verification, on high priority products by 2010 and for all products by 2015. A summary of the third-party assessment is available here.

More information on Product Safety Leadership

Contributing to Community Success:

By 2015, 100% of Dow sites where we have a major presence will have achieved their individual community acceptance ratings.

We are collaborating with local businesses and citizens to help create stronger, safer and sustainable communities through:

  • Engagement
  • Establishing joint goals and plans
  • Taking actions for the long-term success of all involved

More information on Contributing to Community Success

Local Protection of Human Health & the Environment

By 2015, Dow will achieve on average a 75% improvement of key indicators for EH&S operating excellence from 2005 baseline.

  • We lead the way across virtually every facet of environment, security, health and safety performance.
  • Dow is one of the first companies to introduce innovative protection equipment for our workers – in 1897 – and today we engage our neighbors through Community Advisory Panels.
  • Our Vision of Zero is a leadership attitude and a corporate culture that is committed to zero accidents, zero injuries and zero excuses.

More information on Local Protection of Human Health & the Environment