By 2015, 100 percent of Dow sites where we have a major presence will have achieved their individual community acceptance ratings.

Dow will complete the community relations assessment process to evaluate its impact on site communities and will implement a community relations plan that requires periodic re-evaluation. Dow will identify the targeted community area surrounding, adjacent or very near the manufacturing facilities or related Dow operations most likely impacted by Dow's presence, and where Dow is impacted by the community's acceptance level. An anonymously conducted sustainable community assessment will be conducted to define what is needed to achieve the desired quality of life.

Locally determined community goals will be established, describing specific activities and measurement targets of short and long-term achievement mutually agreed upon by Dow and community representatives. Dow will adhere to the Responsible Care® Code of Management Practices and will take into consideration various sustainability ratings, such as the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

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Responsible Care® is a registered service mark of the American Chemistry Council.