Dow Supports World’s Largest Student Chemistry Experiment

Although it covers three-quarters of the planet, water is one of the least accessible resources to many people, especially in developing countries. And in many communities, the water that is available may not be clean enough for human consumption. What helps make water safe for human consumption? Chemistry!

children experimenting with water

As part of its commitment to educate the public on the importance of chemistry during the International Year of Chemistry, Dow is supporting The Global Water Experiment. The Global Water Experiment will unite students and teachers around the world under the theme “Water: A Chemical Solution” to educate them about how chemistry contributes to sustainable water management and the role of chemistry in water purification.

Having the potential to become the largest chemistry experiment ever, students from primary school to high school will participate in four activities, including:

Results from their experiments will be published electronically as part of an interactive global data map, allowing students in various geograhies to interact with each other and compare/contrast their results.

The Global Water Experiment officially launched in Cape Town, South Africa in conjunction with the United Nations "Big Splash" World Water Day events on March 22. Hundreds of students in Cape Town participated, with each team uploading their results on the Global Water Experiment website.

children experimenting with water

The Global Water Experiment is one of many activities taking place during the International Year of Chemistry to inspire future generations of scientists. Teachers and students are encouraged to visit The Global Water Experiment webpage to learn more and to participate.

Dow also promotes chemistry education via its partnership with the Keystone Center for Education to develop The Balanced Equation, including a curriculum on the sustainability of water. It’s designed to show students how chemistry, and science in general, relates to their world and how they can become an active part in finding long-term solutions needed to sustain resources, like water, for humanity and the planet. Through programs like The Balanced Equation, Dow is taking an active role to bolster our nation’s science education system and inspire students to consider an exciting career in the chemical sciences.