Did you know that in 1900, Futurists thought that by 2000, we would all be cooking via solar power? Or that in 1928, Futurists predicted that rooftop lakes would become viable air-conditioning methods? Take our quiz below to see how forward-thinking you are!

How Forward-Thinking Are You?

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  1. In the future there could be _____-proof homes.

    1. Hurricane
    2. Earthquake
    3. Tornado
    4. All of the above

    Answer: Tornado. Tornado-Proof Home

    Ted Givens, an architect with Hong Kong's 10Design, has created a prototype for a tornado-safe home by using Hydraulic levers that pull the Kevlar-coated house into the ground when high-velocity winds pass by. The high-tech structure's roof then locks so water and wind can't enter. See a drawing of this useful home innovation on Forbes.com.

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  2. How close are we to net-zero energy homes being built?

    1. 5 years
    2. 10 years
    3. 1 year
    4. The Future is here

    Answer: The Future is here.

    In the fall of 2009, The Dow Chemical Company collaborated with Cobblestone Homes on a net-zero energy home. The two companies worked together to develop plans and select technologies that would insulate and seal the building envelope as well as generate renewable energy. The Invision Zero Home demonstrates the realities of affordable net-zero energy homes today.

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  3. In the future, urban treehouses could be created to help maximize space within cities:

    1. True
    2. False

    Answer: True.

    According to Jason Lubetkah of Jason David Designs, these homes could utilize space that would have otherwise been wasted. Find out more in on Forbes.com.

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  4. A home sustainability solution I would be excited to see in the future includes:

    1. Water treatment plants that collect rain water for all home water needs
    2. Appliances connected wirelessly to local utility companies that reduce power as needed
    3. A wind-powered elevator
    4. Recycled water bottles comprising the structure of my house

    Answer: Lucky for you – all options are viable possibilities for the future!

    You can follow our story of future home innovations at @DowChemical and www.Facebook.com/DowChemical.

Zany Past Predictions From General Futurists (Non-Dow)

Year Prediction
1900 By 2000, hot or cold air would come from spigots
1928 Rooftop lakes would cool the house
1928 Vitaglass would emit fair weather, creating a permanent “summer day” effect
1954 Bathrooms would have a suntan lamp and ozone germ lamps to ward off colds
1960 Dishes would be washed by ultraviolet rays
1960 Small nuclear power plants would be part of a house's plyon