World-changing sustainable chemistry means moving beyond product advancements to technologies that address the greatest needs of people across the globe. The world needs solutions for big challenges like energy, climate change, water, food, housing and health. And Dow has some of the world’s best scientists and engineers dedicated to solving world challenges through innovation. Read below to learn more about how Dow is addressing these challenges.

Energy & Climate Change

The future of energy is connected to innovative technologies and materials from chemistry – from advanced batteries for next-generation hybrid cars, to materials that make homes more efficient, to solutions for capturing greenhouse gases and addressing global climate change. We believe tomorrow’s chemical advances will lead to breakthrough solutions to the world’s need for clean, sustainable and affordable energy.


Water is one of life’s most basic and essential components. Yet for millions of people across the globe, clean water is not accessible. Dow is committed to developing innovative technologies and creative sustainability solutions to help solve the global water crisis, preserve and restore the world’s water supply and ensure access to clean water for millions.


The challenge of feeding the world’s rapidly growing population is being met by our commitment to developing healthy, safe and environmentally sustainable solutions that produce greater crop yields, bolster harvests and enhance healthier food options across the globe. With innovative technologies and creative solutions, we are helping resolve the global food crisis.


As a leading solutions provider in the building industry, Dow understands the wide range of challenges customers and homeowners face every day, including energy efficiency, moisture management, rising energy costs and environmental responsibility. We are committed to helping homeowners – and potential homeowners – realize their housing dreams.


Our commitment to healthy products, healthy people and healthy communities drives our constant drive for new innovations that will improve the quality of life for all of us, while protecting human health and the environment. By focusing on innovative solutions in agriculture, functional foods and health care – while ensuring we are meeting our chemicals management commitments and responsibilities – we remain dedicated to helping create a more sustainable world for all of us and future generations.


Protecting people and the environment is part of everything we do and every decision we make. From powering tomorrow’s electric vehicles to keeping today’s passengers safe, we are committed to innovations that advance safety and health performance, improve energy efficiency and reduce exhaust emissions – across a range of transportation modes.

Responsible Operations

All businesses have a responsibility to operate responsibly and the chemical industry is no exception. We must ensure that our infrastructure has a positive impact on our company, our communities and ourselves. Our operations must serve as a model for others, wherever we operate. We are committed to minimizing our own footprint with technologies that reduce water waste, minimize energy consumption and eliminate greenhouse gas emissions.