The collaboration between Dow and The Nature Conservancy demonstrates that protecting nature can be both a global business strategy and a company priority. By combining our resources and expertise, we are integrating the value of nature into Dow’s business decision-making.

Scientists, engineers, and economists from both organizations are working together to analyze the various services that nature provides to our operations and the community. Those ecosystem services include water, land, air, oceans and a variety of plant and animal life. The work involves validating tools and models that can assign a value to these services in order to support Dow’s decision-making when it comes to designing, constructing and operating its manufacturing sites. Results from this collaboration will be peer-reviewed and published for the benefit of other companies and the scientific and economic communities.

Dow and TNC continue to make significant progress, and we are proud to invite you to read the 2014 Dow/TNC Annual Progress Report.

Dow’s annual Progress Reports provide updates on our collaboration with The Nature Conservancy, including our pilot site activities:

Dow’s annual Global Conservation Reports feature our conservation activities around the world:

Pilot Sites+

Freeport, Texas

Santa Vitória, Brazil

Ecosystem Collaboration


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