Dow is proud to be a leader in advancing all aspects of sustainability, openly and constructively collaborating with customers, suppliers, communities, civil society and governments.

Dow's Sustainability External Advisory Council (SEAC)

Dow's Sustainability External Advisory Council (SEAC) provides an important outside-in perspective on environment, health and safety; sustainability; and business issues for the Company. Council members include leaders from non-governmental organizations, academia, the business community, and environmental and sustainability communities. Since its formation in 1992, the SEAC has had an influence on Dow's approach to climate change, and also played a critical role in helping Dow develop its 2015 Sustainability Goals.

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Academic Institutions

Dow has established strategic partnerships and collaborations with academic institutions across the globe to advance scientific research and develop the world's next generation of scientists and leaders. Dow's contributions to advancing sustainable chemistry includes funding research at universities and independent laboratories, developing curriculum in sustainable chemistry, sharing technical expertise, offering specialized internships, and granting endowments.

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) play an important role in advocating for sustainable solutions to the world's greatest challenges, as well as impacting public perceptions regarding the safety of chemicals in commerce. Dow has ongoing and active partnerships with influential NGOs to share information, develop research initiatives, collaborate on innovative solutions and best practices and find common ground on key science and sustainability issues.

The Nature Conservancy Collaboration



Dow works with governmental institutions and agencies worldwide to advance the role of chemistry in solving the world's greatest challenges. Collaborations and research partnerships enable Dow to share information and insight into key scientific applications and combine strengths in pursuit of breakthrough solutions. Dow also supports the development of responsible, science-based laws, regulations, standards, practices and procedures that safeguard the community, workplace and environment; Dow welcomes appropriate review by governments to maintain and enhance public acceptance of its operations and products.

Industry (Solutions, Events, Associations)

Dow is an active supporter and participant in chemical trade associations and professional organizations around the world aimed at promoting the importance of chemistry. Through the Company's financial funding, executive leadership, technical expertise and sharing of best practices in sustainability and chemicals management, Dow is a leader in helping to advance chemistry as uniquely able to provide solutions to the world's greatest challenges.