Separation and Purification Media

Dow Water & Process Solutions is committed to identifying, developing, and providing high-value separation and purification solutions to biopharmaceutical manufacturers and their suppliers. Biopharmaceuticals are drugs manufactured using fermentation, cell culture, or novel synthetic processes to produce molecules such as antibiotics, oligonucleotides, monoclonal antibodies, peptides and proteins.

The applications we serve cover all the steps of biopharmaceutical downstream processing from initial capture, purification to final polishing. Our product portfolio includes some of the best known Dow products such as AMBERCHROM™ CG and AMBERCHROM XT chromatographic Media, AMBERLITE™ XAD polymeric adsorbents, AMBERLITE FP ion exchange resins for food processing, DOWEX™ Fine Mesh ion exchange (IX) media and the FILMTEC reverse osmosis (RO) and nanofiltration (NF) elements.

AMBERCHROM resins provide the purification power of reverse phase chromatography without the limitations of silica media. Designed for the purification of proteins, peptides and oligonucleotides AMBERCHROM, reverse phase chromatography resins, are ideal for discovery, development and full scale production of biopharmaceuticals compounds. Commercially proven for many years, AMBERCHROM CG resins are suitable for use in many front end pharmaceutical applications, including capture, purification, and desalting while AMBERCHROM XT polishing grade media demonstrate improved selectivity for difficult separations when compared to silica reverse phase chromatography resins. These products offer high capacity and high flow rates in medium to high pressure production applications.

In addition to these applications, our products can also be used as guard columns to protect expensive purification media and for enzyme immobilization. Use the links in the table below to learn more about how Dow Water & Process Solutions can help you succeed in your developments and manufacturing. We also invite you to visit our Answer Center or contact us for more information.

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