Dow Home, Institutional and Personal Care Solutions Overview

Dow propylene glycol industrial grade (PGI) and dipropylene glycol regular
grade (DPG) and tripropylene glycol regular grade (TPG) technologies are

Green Roof Insulation

Extensive lawn - vegetation; Soil 80-100 mm thickness; Separation layer;
Drainage layer; Membrane (f.i. polypropylene) 110-140 g/m2; ROOFMATE SL-AP


Diethylene glycol hexyl ether. Similar to dipropylene glycol n-butyl ether but can
cause excessive foaming with certain application techniques. Propylene glycol ...

Comminution, Flotation and Mineral Mining

P Series Polypropylene Glycols and Polygylcol Copolymers: Clear, viscous
liquids with low pour points. Dow's P-series polyglycols are linear polymers ...


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NEOLONE™ CapG Preservative

NEOLONE™ CapG Preservative blend is formulated using propylene glycol and
has a shelf life of 2 years. The following are typical properties of NEOLONE™ ...

“Liss That Frizz” Rinse-Off Hair Conditioner for Superior Care Results

Propylene Glycol USP/EP. 0.50 Propylene Glycol. Dow. C. OPULYN™ PQG
Opacifier. 0.50 Ethalkonium Chloride. Acrylate/HEMA/Styrene. Copolymer. Dow.

2004 AAPS Hall Poster Paper 198-02128

Other ingredients included propylene glycol (PG) (The. Dow Chemical Company,
Midland, MI) and aceta- minophen (APAP) (Spectrum Chemical & Laboratory.


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DOWTHERM 4000 Engineering Specifications

3.2 Install industrially inhibited propylene glycol fluid if local plumbing codes
require, or if contact with potable water is possible. See HVAC system
engineering ...