Material Safety Data Sheet

Feb 28, 2012 ... Liver. For the minor component(s): In rare cases, repeated excessive exposure to
propylene glycol may cause central nervous system effects.

Dow to Increase Freeport Polyol and Copolymer Capacity

Sep 25, 2013 ... Dow is the world's largest producer of propylene oxide (PO), propylene glycol (
PG), and polyether polyols, and is a leading producer of quality ...

Rhoplex HG-706 -- Technical Data Sheet

Propylene glycol and glycol ethers, such as diethylene glycol monobutyl ether,
can cause localized flocculation and should be premixed with water if they are to

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Dow's broad portfolio of polyethylene and polypropylene resins offer the
toughness ... polypropylene resins are potentially recyclable in communities that
recycle ...


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PRIMAL PR-1045 Acrylic Emulsion - Starting Point Formulation

Propylene glycol. (Wet Edge Agent). 30.0. OROTAN™ 731DP. (Dispersant). 2.4.
KATHON™ LXE. (In-can preservative). 1.5. Aqueous ammonia (28%).

Cleansing Wipe Concentrate 200500588-22-1

Glycerin. 8.00. Propylene Glycol, 2.50. Dipropylene Glycol, 1.50. Sodium Lauroyl
Sarcosinate (30% active). 13.33. Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate (28% active), 13.33.

Product Safety Assessment DOW™ Monoisopropanolamine

Jun 23, 2014 ... The ratio of ammonia to propylene oxid. DIPA or TIPA—is produced. By increasi.
DIPA production is favored. The reactio. Back to top™. Product ...

Rhoplex EI-3500 -- Technical Data Sheet

Low levels of ethylene glycol or propylene glycol can be added to textured
finishes based on RHOPLEX EI-3500 emulsion to allow for sufficient open time to

SYNALOX™ Lubricants High-performance polyglycols for ...

ethylene oxide (EO), and/or propylene oxide (PO) in the same molecule. The
ratio and order of the oxide addition, together with the choice of initiator and the ...