Dow Launches Global Business and Innovation Hub in Asia Pacific

Jun 2, 2009 ... Other recent key business actions include a feasibility study with Shenhua Group
for a coal-to-chemical project; a new propylene oxide-based ...

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NORDEL™ IP Hydrocarbon Rubber offers excellent performance and unmatched
processing advantages making it the ethylene-propylene-diene monomer ...

Material Safety Data Sheet

7 Ags 2009 ... No-CAS. No-EINECS. PERBANDINGA. N. Klasifikasi. Propylene glycol methyl
ether acetate. 108-65-6. 203-603-9. 20.0 - < 25.0 % Xi R10, R36.


Formulation E-3188-1 is one of these recommendations, and is based on all
propylene glycol. This propylene-based coalescent combination is an excellent ...

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TERGITOL™ L Ethylene Oxide/Propylene Oxide (EO/PO) Copolymers. TEGITOL
™ L Series Surfactants are high-performance, nonionic surfactants for ...

Product Safety Assessment DOW™ 2-Ethylhexanol

Jun 25, 2009 ... Manufacture of Product6. •. Process – DOW™ 2-ethylhexanol is produced by
reacting synthesis gas with propylene to form n-butyraldehyde.

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Results 1 - 10 of 71 ... Dow manufactures propylene glycol (PG)-based aircraft deicing fluids (ADF)
under .... For more information, see the relevant Safety Data ...

SolTerra Boost: a UV Protection Booster for Inorganic Suncreen ...

3 Propylene Glycol (99%) Propylene Glycol. Dow Chemical Co. 1.00. 4 LiquaPar
Optima. Phenoxyethanol (and). Methylparaben (and). Isopropylparaben (and).


25 Sep 2012 ... Propylene glycol methyl ether acetate. 108-65-6. 203-603-9. 20.0 - < 25.0 %. R10
. Solvent naphtha, petroleum, light aromatic. 64742-95-6.

Product Safety Assessment DOW™ Acrylic Acid

Jun 3, 2010 ... Process – DOW™ acrylic acid is made by the vapor-phase oxidation of propylene
in the presence of air, first to acrolein and then to acrylic ...