(HEUR) Rheology Modifiers

or propylene glycol. ACRYSOL HEUR Rheology Modifiers are low odor, “
associative” thickeners. These products perform well over a wide pH range, are ...


Oct 18, 2005 ... CALIBRE™ polycarbonate resins; DOW™ polyethylene resins; DOW™
polypropylene resins and automotive components made with DOW™ ...

Dow Elastomers' Disruptive Innovation Raises the Bar for Specialty..

Nov 12, 2014 ... The journey continues with INTUNE™ polypropylene-based OBCs, Dow's
second generation technology derived from the same proprietary ...

Typical Freezing and Boiling Points of Aqueous Solutions of ...

properties, not to be construed as specifications. ††Degree Brix is a measure of
the sugar concentration in a fluid and is important in fermentation and.

Ethyleneamines Storage & Handling

reinforced polyester may be attacked chemically. Ethyleneamines will permeate
polyethylene and polypropylene, even at ambient temperatures. EDA and occa-.

DOWFAX™ 20B102 Nonionic Surfactant

Nov 12, 2014 ... ... Surfactants are manufactured by reacting an alcohol with ethylene oxide and
butylene oxide, or propylene oxide using proprietary methods.

Dow Launches New NORDEL™ EPDM Products

Oct 9, 2017 ... ... introduced three new NORDEL™ EPDM (ethylene-propylene-diene terpolymer
) products that enable automotive part manufacturers and ...


12 jun 2017 ... Säkerhetsdatablad enligt Förordning (EU) nr. 2015/830. Produktnamn: Propylene
Glycol Industrial Grade. Revisionsdatum: 2017/06/09.

Extracting Value with Efficient Flotation

of frothers is DOWFROTH™, a premium blend of polypropylene glycols and
glycol ethers that has been recognized as an industry leader for over six decades

Industrial Surfactants

DOW polypropylene glycols and nonionic surfactants applications. Some of the
many uses include wetting agents in agricultural formulations, emulsifiers for ...