SYNALOX™ 100-xB Lubricants

Jun 5, 2014 ... UCON Lubricant LB Series and SYNALOX™ 100-xB Lubricants are butanol-
initiated polymers of all oxypropylene groups (propylene oxide).

Fiber and Textile Processing

Polypropylene glycols and polyglycol copolymers are key raw materials for the
production of melt spin finish lubricants for the production of synthetic fibers.

Fact Sheet – ENGAGE™ Polyolefin Elastomers

ene propylene diene copolymer (EPDM) and other impact modifiers. When used
to modify polypropylene, com pounds containing ENGAGE™ POEs offer.

Product Name

are based on ethylene, propylene and ethylidene norbornene and are sold under
two designations: NORDEL™. IP and NORDEL™ MG. All are members of the ...


For additional information regarding any DOW polypropylene glycol and
polyglycol copolymer products, please contact your local distributors.

Guidelines for Internal Mixing of NORDEL™ MG Hydrocarbon Rubber

The mixing of NORDEL™ MG Hydrocarbon Rubber in granular form is quite easy
, though different from that of ethylene propylene diene terpolymers (EPDM) in ...


(PET) or polypropylene in bicomponent binder fibers for absorbent core strength.
And, the addition of polyethylene-based. AMPLIFY™ MAH-Grafted Functional.

Rhoplex EC-2885 -- Technical Data Sheet

Propylene Glycol. 6.00. Foamaster™ NXZ. 2.50. KTPP. 1.00. Camel-Wite ST.
300.0. Ti-Pure™ R-960. 50.00. Kadox 915. 30.00. Letdown. RHOPLEX EC-2885

Sadara Joint Venture Begins Polyethylene Production

Dec 8, 2015 ... ... with the polyolefins envelope to maximize timing in the ethylene cycle, followed
by ethylene oxide/propylene oxide and their derivatives.


Ethoxylation products of fatty alcohols, fatty amines, alkyl phenols, cellulose and
poly(propylene glycol): Detergents and surfactants (nonionic), biodegradable ...