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Product Safety Assessment DOW™ Butyraldehyde

Dec 23, 2014 ... Louisiana, and Texas City, Texas) and Malaysia. •. Process – DOW
butyraldehyde is produced by reacting synthesis gas with propylene over a.

OPTIM - Physical Properties - Solubility

butyl alcohol, tertiary amyl alcohol, ethylene glycol, propylene glycol,
trimethylene glycol and phenol. Glycerine has limited solubility in dioxane and
ethyl ether.


Jul 7, 2015 ... Product name: DOWANOL™ 500 Glycol Ether. Issue Date: 04/16/2015. Page 2 of
10 propylene oxide. Potassium hydroxide. 1310-58-3.

Literature Identification

Polypropylene. Polystyrene. Polytetrafluoroethylene. Polyninylacetate. Polyacetal
. NAD. Polyvinylidene fluoride. Polyvinylchloride, rigid. Polyvinylchloride, soft.


Liquid formulations have solid spinosad in suspension in propylene glycol (CAS#
57-55-6). Spinosad-containing formulations are sold under many trade names ...

Comminution, Flotation and Mineral Mining

P Series Polypropylene Glycols and Polygylcol Copolymers: Clear, viscous
liquids with low pour points. Dow's P-series polyglycols are linear polymers ...

Glycol Ethers Storage and Handling

Polyethylene and polypropylene storage drums may be used if water
contamination of the glycol ether or acetate is not critical. Drums made of these
materials ...

Cleaning Equipment

Cartridge Filter, 5-10 micron polypropylene with. PVC, FRP, or SS housing. Table
6.1 pH range and temperature limits during cleaning. Element type. Max Temp ...

AVANSE MV-100 Waterborne Acrylic Resin - The Dow Chemical

glycol solvents such as propylene or ethylene glycol. Another method to achieve
freeze-thaw resistance with AVANSE™ MV-100 Resin is with the use of ...