Triethylene Glycol HP

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Manufacturing. Propylene glycol (PG) is manufactured from propylene oxide, a
petroleum-based raw material. Dow manufactures approximately 1.2 billion ...

DOWFROST™ Propylene Glycol Heat Transfer Fluid

the high purity of Dow PuraGuard™ Propylene Glycol USP/EP. • Contains
significantly fewer glycol impurities that can over-whelm fluid additives. •
Reduces the ...

Glycol Ethers for Pesticide Formulation

Glycol Ether. 107-98-2. 2 Not more than 10% of pesticide. 40 CFR 180.920 Inert
Ingredients Used Pre-Harvest; exemptions from the requirement of a tolerance.

Safety Data Sheets

00377935, DOWANOL™ DiPPH Glycol Ether, English. 00114290, DOWANOL™
... Glycol Ether, English. 00114290, DOWANOL™ DPM Glycol Ether, Spanish.

CARBOWAX™ Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) 300

Typical Physical Properties – CARBOWAX™ Polyethylene Glycol 300⁽¹⁾.
Range of Avg. Molecular Weight. 285 – 315. Range of Average Hydroxyl Number
, mg ...

BY KEVIN CONNOR Adding glycols to HVACR systems can improve

gies, the use of inhibited glycol-based heat-transfer fluids, is something that the
HVACR industry has been doing for decades. Not only can it provide effective ...

DOWFROST™ HD Heat Transfer Fluid Geothermal Ground Source ...

DOWFROST™ HD Heat Transfer Fluid. Why a Minimum 25% Glycol
Concentration is Recommended in GSHP Applications. Geothermal Ground

Heat Combustion of DOW Glycol Ethers

Page 1 of 1. *Trademark of The Dow Chemical Company. Form No. 110-00666-
0304. Glycol Ethers. Heat Combustion of DOW Glycol Ethers kcal/mole kcal/g.

CARBOWAX™ SENTRY™ Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) 1000

®TM Trademark of The Dow Chemical Company (“Dow”) or an affiliated
company of Dow. CARBOWAX™ SENTRY™ Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) 1000.