Product Safety Assessment DOW™ Pentaethylene Glycol

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Safety Assessment. DOW™ Pentaethylene Glycol. Select a Topic: Names.
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Pet Food/Animal Feed | Propylene Glycols - Dow Chemical

Propylene Glycol USP/EP from Dow is generally recognized as safe for use in pet
food and animal feeds (excluding cat food).

Ethylene Oxide and Ethylene Glycols

Dow is the world's largest producer of ethylene oxide (EO) and higher glycols (
triethylene glycol and tetraethylene glycol).

Product Safety Assessment Propylene Glycol Diacetate

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Propylene Glycol Diacetate. Select a Topic: Names. Product Overview.

Heat Combustion of DOW Glycol Ethers

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CARBOWAX™ Methoxypolyethylene Glycol (MPEG) 750

CFTA NOMENCLATURE – Methoxy PEG-16. Typical Physical Properties –
CARBOWAX™ Methoxypolyethylene Glycol 750 ¹. Range of Avg. Molecular

UCON Fluids and Lubricants

These polyalkylene glycol (PAG)-based synthetic products can be varied and
controlled to a degree not possible with natural oils and lubricants. They are used

Gas Dehydration & Treating

Ethylene glycols are commonly used in natural gas hydration and treating
applications to remove water and impurities. Diethylene glycol (DEG), Triethylene

Polyalkylene glycols: Present and future applications

WEBINARS. Dr. Martin R. Greaves. Polyalkylene glycols: Present and future
applications. 60 years after their introduction, these unique lubricants are being ...

Hydraulic and Brake Fluid | Dow Propylene Glycols

Propylene Glycol Industrial Grade (PGI) from Dow is an excellent choice for the
production of polyglycols for use in hydraulic and brake systems.