Flying Bat

Download the Pattern (PDF). I vant to create sp-o-o-o-oky crafts vith
STYROFOAM™!' Dracula would have loved this quick and easy black foam bat.
Completion ...

Wire and Cable Fire Performance Solutions Limit smoke. Resist ...

Flame-retardant carbon black-filled masterbatch for moisture-curable cable
insulation. Halogenated, high-density, flame-retardant thermoplastic compound
for ...

Glittered Polka Dot Halloween Topiary

Acrylic craft paint: orange, black; Circle stickers, 2”, or contact paper; Crepe paper
roll, black; Glitter spray: orange, black (read label closely; Low temp glue gun ...

Fiber Optic

AXELERON™ FO 6549 NT CPD. AXELERON™ FO 6318 BK CPD. Black jacket.
Black Jacket. Colorable jacket. Colorable jacket. Black jacket. MDPE. MDPE.

Media Release

black wool denim collection will debut in February during fall 2007 Mercedes –
Benz fashion week in. New York. “This partnership is very exciting for both Dow ...

STYROFOAM™ Brand CAVITYMATE™ Ultra Insulation

... Brand CAVITYMATE™ Ultra Insulation. An extruded polystyrene foam board
that uses patented carbon black materials for enhanced thermal performance.

TDS (pdf)

The black color of. AMBERLITE FPC23 H Resin makes it easy to confirm a clean
separation from AMBERLITE. FPA91 OH Resin when used in polishing mixed ...

Rinseable Primer RP-2 -- Technical Data Sheet

RINSEABLE PRIMER RP-2 is a low viscosity sprayable liquid used to pre-treat
black. EPDM rubber roof membrane prior to power washing and application of ...

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Happy Halloween Ornaments

Latex spray paints: black satin-finish; orange; Clear acrylic spray; Air-dry
modeling compound, one package; Assorted black and orange trims, 1/4" wide;
Vintage ...