The Real Solar System

Paint them Black and stand them in a foam sheet to dry. Note: you may need
adult supervision to trim the dowels. Using the chart as a guide, glue the cut
dowels ...

Medieval Puppet Theater

Foam-safe spray paint: coral; green; purple; Wooden dowels, 1/4" x 36", two; Felt,
9" x 12" sheets: yellow; blue; two; green; scraps of pink, red, white, and black ...

Insulation Spray Foam Insulation | GREAT STUFF Insulating Foam ...

A black spray foam sealant designed for use in water features. By expanding to
fill gaps and cracks, the polyurethane foam helps direct water to flow over the .

KickUpYourHeels Dancing Hearts

1- 5/16" dowel, 36" long; Acrylic craft paint, red; Craft foam: white, pink, black; 1- 3
/8" half-round buttons, black; 2- 1/2" red beads; 1 yd. of 1/8" satin ribbon, black ...

Scarf Surfin Penguins

Fleece fabric scraps: black, 7" x 22"; white,; 5" x 10"; red, 6" x 11"; Gold felt, 9" x
12" sheet; Recycled red/white striped sweater or knit fabric,; Fiberfill stuffing ...


Mar 23, 2004 ... GMID: 162274. Product Name: FROTH PAK* 1.75 Black Froth HCFC. 1.

Fluffy the Snowman

Black felt-tip marker; Serrated knife; Low-temperature glue gun and glue stick;
White craft glue; Scissors, ruler, pencil sharpener or pocket knife, ...

Feather Boa Eyeball Wreath

Wiggly googly spooky eyes peek out amidst raven-black feathers creating a
perfect Halloween welcome. For 24-hour fun use glow-in-the-dark wiggle eyes!

Scandinavian Felt Elf

Acrylic paints: black; pink; yellow; Wooden ball, 1/4"; Black half-round beads,
5mm, two; Lightweight one-step spackling; Cream felt; Natural wool roving;
Woven ...

Insulation Spray Foam Insulation | GREAT STUFF Insulating Foam ...

Two component low-pressure spray polyurethane foam sealant with . .. This
polyurethane-based foam filler, sealant and adhesive: Is black in color to.