TPO Roofing with Excellent Weathering Performance

The ASTM D 6878 standard for thermoplastic polyolefin. (TPO) roofing
formulations has been revised to address concerns of prolonged exposure in
extreme ...

Solvent-Based Concrete Sealers

Thermoplastic acrylic resin. Solid-grade. Hardness, flexibility, adhesion. This
table is designed as a general overview of Dow Construction Chemicals products

VERSIFY Plastomers and Elastomers : Resin Technology ...

INTRODUCTION. Polyethylene and polypropylene constitute the two highest
consumed thermoplastics in the world [Ref. 1]. Significantly increased growth of
the ...

PARALOID™ Resins | Dow Coating Materials

Dow solutions for automotive refinishing include a range of PARALOID™
Thermoplastic and Thermosetting Resins offering flexibility and fast property ...

Lightweighting Techniques for Thermoplastic Polymers

Lightweighting Techniques for Thermoplastic Polymers by Maria Rosa Contardi,
Maria Teresa Scrivani. K12 Midterm conference, May 18th 2017 ...

Waterborne Mechanical Dispersions of Polyolefins - The Dow

Abstract. Traditionally, polyolefins have been available as thermoplastic pellets
which are processed by conventional thermoplastic processes such as extrusion,

FACT SHEET – AMPLIFY™ Functional Polymers

Thermoplastic powder coating. • Protective metal pipe coating. • Wood plastic
composites. • Molded durable and sporting goods. Product Overviews. AMPLIFY
™ ...

Product Name

PARALOID™ DM-55 Solid Grade Thermoplastic Acrylic Resin (100%) is a ...
Thermoplastic Acrylic Resin is soluble in a wide range of solvents having

ENGAGE™ Polyolefin Elastomers | Dow Elastomers

... Injection molding with better thermal stability and heat resistance; Improved
impact resistance and low temperature performance in thermoplastic polyolefins,

History of Plastic Pipes | Pure Pipe Performance

The availability of low-cost "thermoplastics," combined with an enormous need
for infrastructure replacement, led to a huge increase in the use of polymers.