Dow's products are essential to the daily lives of each and every American. The chemical sector as a whole is not only a part of our country's critical infrastructure, but provides the foundation for all other sectors on which our nation relies. At Dow, we strive to develop, manufacture, transport, market and dispose of our products responsibly. We also welcome appropriate governmental review of our operations and products.

The primary means for regulating chemicals and the chemicals industry in the US today is the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), which was enacted by Congress in 1976. Over the last three decades, the chemical industry has changed significantly, making TSCA outdated and ineffective. Industry and government alike now agree that TSCA must be reformed and modernized.

Our Position

Dow is one of many companies that support reform of TSCA to reflect recent advances in science and technology. Dow has played an active role with the American Chemistry Council (ACC) to develop 10 key principles for modernizing TSCA. Dow fully supports these principles to create a modern chemical safety program that will:

  1. Create a level playing field by screening all chemicals in commerce to determine further information needs in a tiered, risk-based fashion.
  2. Ensure a scientifically objective evaluation of safety by basing i decisions on a consistent scientific evaluation of both hazard and potential exposure (an evaluation of risk), using a weight-of-evidence approach.
  3. Allow EPA to take timely and effective action by ensuring a role for cost-benefit analysis in risk management decisions.
  4. Promote sustainable chemistry by providing incentives for new products and processes that represent a significant improvement in sustainability - minimizing operational footprints and enhancing quality of life for current and future generations.
  5. Enhance U.S. competitiveness by fostering innovation and positioning the U.S. as a leader in chemical management.

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