Propylene Glycol n-Propyl Ether

C3H7OCH2CH(CH3)OH (Major isomer)


A fast-evaporating glycol ether with an excellent balance of hydrophilic and hydrophobic character; outstanding soil removal and coupling properties.


DOWANOL PnP glycol ether offers an excellent balance between hydrophilic and hydrophobic character; it is our most hydrophobic glycol ether that still maintains complete water solubility. DOWANOL PnP glycol ether is our P-series product that most closely matches the properties of Butyl CELLOSOLVE glycol ether. Its primary use is in cleaning products, where its fast evaporation rate and excellent ability to solubilize organic soils makes it useful in a wide variety of formulation systems. DOWANOL PnP glycol ether is an excellent choice in glass cleaners and all-purpose cleaners, especially in combination with selected PM-series glycol ethers.

Typical Physical Properties
These properties are typical but do not constitute specifications.

Molecular weight (g/mol)


Boiling point @ 760 mmHg, 1.01 bar

300°F 149°C
Flash point (Setaflash Closed Cup) 118°F 48°C
Freezing point -112°F -80°C
Vapor pressure@ 20°C — extrapolated 1.5 mmHg
2.1 mbar
Specific gravity (25/25°C) 0.883
Density @ 20°C
          @ 25°C
7.38 lb/gal
7.34 lb/gal
0.885 g/cm³
0.880 g/cm³
Viscosity (cP or mPa•s @ 25°C)  


Surface tension (dynes/cm or mN/m @ 25°C)


Specific heat (J/g/°C @ 25°C)



Heat of vaporization (J/g) at normal boiling point


Net heat of combustion (kJ/g) — predicted @ 25°C 30.0
Autoignition temperature 486°F 252°C
Evaporation rate (n-butyl acetate = 1.0)
(diethyl ether = 1.0)

Solubility, g/100 g @ 25°C
   Solvent in water
   Water in solvent

Hansen solubility parameters (J/cm³)1/2
   _d (Dispersion)
   _p (Polar)
   _h (Hydrogen bonding)
Flammable limits (vol.% in air)
   Lower (measured @ 25°C)


Classification/Registry Numbers††

CAS Number


AICS (Australia) 569-01-3
DSL (Canada) 1569-01-3
ECL (Korea) 9312-11432
EINECS (EU) 216-372-4
MITI (Japan) 7-97
TSCA (U.S.) 1569-01-3

†† NOTE: Classifications apply only to this glycol ether product. It is the responsibility of the formulator to ensure that the final finished product complies with the regulations of a given country prior to its sale or distribution in that country.

Suggested Applications

  • Coupling agent and solvent in household and industrial cleaners, grease and paint removers, metal cleaners, and hard surface cleaners.
  • n blends with other P-series glycol ethers, effective coalescent in water-borne latex coatings.
  • Coupling cosolvent in water-reducible aerosol paint formulations.


  • Colorless
  • Low odor
  • Completely water soluble
  • Excellent balance of aqueous and organic solubility
  • Good chemical stability
  • Excellent solvent properties
  • Efficient surface tension reduction ability
  • Low toxicity
  • Wide range of applications
  • Alternative to Butyl CELLOSOLVE glycol ether (formerly known as DOWANOL EB ethylene glycol butyl ether)

Note: Consult the appropriate Material Safety Data Sheet for safety and handling guidelines for this product.