Rohm and Haas

ROCIMA™ 63 Industrial Microbicide
For Use in Exterior Paints, Coatings and Building Materials
(EPA Registration: 707-303)

General Description

ROCIMA 63 microbicide is a dry film preservative that contains three different active ingredients for exceptional performance against a broad range of fungi and algae. It provides superior protection of all exterior coatings, where algae can be a challenge. Such surfaces are often covered with airborne particles from industrial production and internal combustion engines, soil and fertilizer, pollen and other particulates. This material serves as a substrate for microorganisms.

ROCIMA 63 microbicide is a fluid, pumpable dispersion of active ingredients. It is easy to handle, meter and incorporate into aqueous systems.

ROCIMA 63 microbicide is registered for exterior use in paints, stains, building materials, stucco, caulks and sealants.

Performance Benefits

  • Long-lasting broad spectrum protection: given the complementary nature of its three active ingredients, ROCIMA 63 microbicide offers durable protection against the growth of fungi and algae.

  • Two modes of protective action: One prevents the treated surface from serving as the substrate for contaminating micro-organisms to grow and proliferate; Two, when the surface becomes wet through rain or condensation, the controlled diffusion of the active ingredients into the wet phase prevents the growth of micro-organisms on the surface layer.

  • ROCIMA 63 microbicide can be used alone or in combination with ROZONE™ 2000 microbicide, ROCIMA 200 microbicide or SKANE™ M-8 mildewcide.

  • Liquid: easily incorporated into formulations

  • Does not contribute to yellowing or chalking

Product Performance

Laboratory mildew and algal evaluations in acrylic flat paint, as detailed in Chart 1, demonstrate the broader spectrum control of ROCIMA 63 microbicide in comparison with IPBC and chlorothalonil.

In exterior testing in acrylic flat paint on fiber cement panels exposed in Florida, detailed in Graph 1, ROCIMA 63 microbicide demonstrated long-term consistent mildew control comparable to the competitive standards. Graph 2 shows how ROCIMA 63 microbicide performed against green algae.

Physical and Chemical Properties
These properties are typical but do not constitute specifications.


Grey dispersion



Active ingredient (AI)



Mainly water, 7 to 10% glycol

Viscosity @ 20°C

70 KU

Density @ 20°C

9.1 pounds per gallon

Specific gravity
@ 25°C (water=1)


Active Ingredients

The active ingredients in ROCIMA 63 microbicide are 2-n octyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one, methylbenzimidazole-2-yl carbamate and N’-(3, 4 dichlorophenyl)-N-N-dimethylurea.

Formulation Compatibility

ROCIMA 63 microbicide is primarily designed for use in water-based systems; however, it can be used in solvent- based systems depending on its compatibility with the final product and its packaging.


The activity of ROCIMA 63 microbicide will not be affected by short periods of temperatures up to 100°F during manufacturing, or by pH in the range 4 to 10.

Directions For Use

ROCIMA 63 microbicide must be blended homogeneously with the product to be protected. It is, therefore, recommended that ROCIMA 63 microbicide be added at the beginning of the manufacturing process.


The optimum dosage of ROCIMA 63 microbicide depends largely upon the exposure to weathering and the amount of dirt to be expected on the surfaces to be treated and the potential of the local environment to contaminate it. It will also be dependent on the susceptibility of the coating or building material to fungal and algal growth.

Generally, it is recommended to use from 0.25 to 2.0 pounds of ROCIMA 63 microbicide per 100 pounds of formulation (2.5 to 20 pounds per 100 gallons). If necessary, dosages up to 3 pounds of ROCIMA 63 microbicide per 100 pounds of formulation may be used (30 pounds per 100 gallons). Dosage levels of ROCIMA 63 microbicide will depend on the type of formulation (for example, stains will require higher dosages and cementitious surfaces lower dosages), the level of protection required and the climate to which the material will be exposed.

In cases of exposure to extreme weather conditions, or if the coating is subjected to continuous condensation or to rapid contamination with surface dirt, the dosage of ROCIMA 63 microbicide may have to be increased.

It is recommended that the proposed dosages are checked in laboratory tests and, if possible, with field exposure studies. This applies to both the compatibility in the finished product and to the expected level of protection.

This product is an EPA registered microbicide. It is a violation of federal law to use it in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.


Please refer to the safety data sheet of this product for precise handling instructions.

The processing and use of industrial chemicals require adequate technical and professional knowledge.

In general, avoid eye and skin contact, wear safety goggles, rubber gloves and protective clothing. In case of eye or skin contact despite precautionary measures, wash immediately and thoroughly with plenty of warm water and obtain medical attention.


ROCIMA 63 microbicide should be stored in tightly sealed original containers and preferably at room temperature. Protect from frost and heat.

If the product does freeze, it has to be mixed homogeneously after warming up and can then be used without any loss in effectiveness.

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