STYROFOAM™ Brand Panel Core 20 Insulation

A 20 psi extruded polystyrene foam insulation for composite panel manufacturing.

Used in:

  • Core material and thermal insulation for composite panel manufacturing
  • Typical applications include architectural building panels, walk-in coolers, modular structures, incubators, conservatories, sunrooms, recreational vehicle sidewalls, exterior door panels, insulated roof panels, clean-room panels, and garage and entry doors


  • Supplied in sheets that have been carefully engineered and planed to precise tolerances
  • Provides an exceptional bond surface
  • Resists water absorption
  • Helps maintain panel integrity and insulating properties in low-temperature, high-humidity and high-moisture conditions
  • Foam resists absorption of adhesives so less glue is required
  • Boards up to 4' thick, up to 216' long and up to 50' wide