PARALOID™ B-72 100%

PARALOID™ B-72 100% is a general-purpose, thermoplastic acrylic resin with soft film-forming capabilities, possessing a high tolerance for ethanol and a low reactivity with sensitive phosphorescent and luminescent.

Used in:

  • Art conservation and preservation
  • Clear coatings for wood
  • Applications not tolerant of strong solvents
  • Flexographic printing inks
  • Gravure plastic coatings
  • White and metallic aerosols
  • Other film-forming materials, such as vinyls, cellulosics, chlorinated rubbers, and silicones


  • Low reactivity with sensitive phosphorescent and luminescent pigments
  • Superior stability and durability
  • High tolerance for ethanol
  • Clear, coherent film formation
  • Excellent non-yellowing characteristics
  • Highly compatible with other film-forming materials

Typical Properties
These properties are typical but do not constitute specifications.

Physical Form


Bulk Density, 25°C, lb/gal


Solubility Parameter


Tg (ºC)40
Ultimate Hardness of Clear Films, KHN10 to 11
Chemical CompositionEMA Copolymer