NORKOOL DESITHERM™ Desiccant is an inhibited triethylene glycol used to dehydrate natural gas to help ensure pH stability and inhibit corrosion. It is specifically designed to improve efficiency and extend the life of natural gas dehydration systems, while keeping the gas as pure as possible.

Used in:

  • Gas pipeline heaters
  • Gas processing
  • Waste heat recovery systems
  • Air dehydration
  • Natural gas storage
  • Gas field gathering


  • Complete inhibitor package that buffers the natural gas dehydration system's pH and reduces glycol degradaton, protecting the entire system against rapid corrosion
  • Minimizes the formation and build-up of degradation acids
  • Extends the life of the desiccating fluid
  • Protects teh metal components of the system against corrosion
  • Inhibitors are heat-stable at normal dehydration operating temperatures, which reduces system corrosion and extends the life of the triethylene glycol (TEG) overall
  • Addition of inhibitors does not affect the removal of water from natural gas