MoistStar™ HA+ Moisturizing Technology

MoistStar™ HA+ Moisturizing Technology delivers improved moisturization in skin care applications over using Hyaluronic Acid alone.

Used in:

  • Facial moisturizing creams and gels
  • Moisturizing hand/body creams
  • Anti-aging serums
  • Skin treatment complexes


  • Offers enhanced skin moisturization
  • Liquid format, provides easier incorporation in formulations
  • Cold-processable
  • Free of parabens and isothiazolinone
Typical Properties
These properties are typical but do not constitute specifications.
TradenameMoistStar HA+ Moisturizing Technology
INCI namePolyquaternium-67 (and) Hyaluronic Acid (proposed)
Appearance, as is Liquid, clear to hazy
Solids, % 2.5
pH 5.0 - 7.0
Viscosity, as is (Brookfield Viscometer, RV#6, 20 rpm), cPs 40,000 (maximum)
PreservativePhenoxyethanol (and) Caprylyl Glycol