Clean water is one of the world’s most scarce and crucial resources. As a leader in purification and separation technologies, Dow understands that there’s no room for error when you’re responsible for bringing water to consumers and companies around the world. As a committed global partner we draw on companywide invention and related expertise to find the most reliable, safe and efficient water-related solutions.

Whether your goal is to provider safer, cleaner drinking water or to create new dry-cleaning solvents that are more environmentally-friendly, Dow works with you to define the challenge and deliver a unique solution, every time.

  • FILMTEC™ Reverse Osmosis Membranes
    FILMTEC elements are precision engineered and manufactured to provide the right balance of quality performance, reliability, and cost.
    FILMTEC™ Offer high rejection of dissolved solids and organics
    FILMTEC™ RO-4040-FFFILMTEC™ RO reverse osmosis membrane elements deliver high flux and outstanding quality water for applications requiring sanitary grade membrane elements.